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Product Description

The contemporary design of worldwide known last that suits up to 90% of dancers. Cut insole and sole give new feelings and possibilities.

The benefits of this model are:
- Made on the iconic 2007 last that fits 90% of foot shapes.
- Grip and Glide technology is ideal for class and stage.
- The pre-sewn suede platform increases lifespan and makes pointe shoes silent.
- Smooth under-cap area with no pleats provides a sharper en-pointe roll-through.
- The max-flat platform gives confidence in the balance.
- Easy roll-through to en-pointe position perfect for fine movements.
- Smooth appearance with no wrinkles or bagginess.
- Elastic paste adopts to the foot form remaining flexible throughout the lifespan of the shoe.
- Low sides and heel accentuate the dancer’s arch and add flexibility to the shoe
- Available in Satin and Canvas uppers.

BOX SHAPE: Slightly tapered
VAMP: U-cut, Medium height
SOLE: Machine-stitched

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