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  • Sewing Tube



    Suffolk's Sewing Tube contains 78 yards of waxed 100% Nylon thread dyed exclusively for Suffolk to m…

  • Spacemakers II



    The Spacemakers™ II is placed between the first two toes it aligns the big toe joint to aid in the t…

  • Odor Eliminator



    Place the Bloch odor eliminator in your shoes to absorb moisture and neutralize odors. Your shoes wi…

  • RP Individual Thread

    Russian Pointe


    These replaceable spools of strong, wax-coated pointe shoe thread measure 75 yards and are a perfect…

  • Clear Stretch Tips


    $8.99 - $9.99

    The Bloch Clear Stretch Tips offer superior cushioning, protection and relief to your toes to keep y…

  • Small Spacers



    Made of a supple polymer gel Can be comfortably worn with all types of shoes Minimizes irritation ca…

  • BH408 Rosin



    New zip close packaging for clean and easy storage Portable 4 oz. bag.

36 of 50 Items