#ES0160 European Balance


Product Description

Bloch's European Balance makes the dancer feel like they could stay ‘en pointe’ all day

because the last closely follows the contours of the foot. The generous wide platform encourages balanced weight distribution which can reduce pressure on individual metatarsals. The slightly tapered box creates a snug fit around the toes. Features a low profile with open throat line of the U vamp, which includes the elastic drawstring creates a streamlined snug fit. European Balance has a curved last and the shank that remain in close contact with the instep, significantly improving injury prevention as well as a flexible shank and box.

Ribbon and elastic not included. See Pointe Accessories or suggested products below.


Sizing Disclaimer: Due to the complexity of pointe shoe fittings, we do not recommend ordering pointe shoes online unless you are certain about the model, size, and width you require. Professional pointe shoe fittings provided in store.

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