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Mission Statement for everybody dancewear

Dance is so much more than just dancing.  In order to find out what all the great things are that make dance such a lifelong gift, you must first participate in a class.   Preparing to take a dance class means you need the correct dance shoes, a leotard, tights and perhaps a skirt or shorts.  These "tools" for dance class are just as important as the baseball cleats, uniforms and head gear in other sports.  However, these dance tools can come with a price.  It's called self conciousness.  Some students feel very self concious about their size and do not feel good in their dance "uniform". 

I want ALL students who want to dance to be able to feel confident in their dancewear.  If you feel confident, you will dance and live your life with confidence! That's why I am bringing to you this exciting new dancewear line for younger girls, dancewear for all young body shapes and sizes.  

Now go out there and dance your heart out and love who you are.  I, and the Staff at Standing Ovation Performance Apparel, do...