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Nikolay NeoPointe



NeoPointe epitomizes softness inside and out. This uniquely soft pointe shoe model has the most plia…

Bloch #S1160L ETU



The ETU fuses cutting-edge technology with the best of traditional craftsmanship. Delivering all the…

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Dance Mom Guide

Welcome, Dance Moms, to a world where glitter, tutus, and endless hours of rehearsals collide! Being

Jan 4th 2024

How Can your Dancer Maintain Fitness During the Festive Season?

As the festive season approaches, dancers around the world may find themselves faced with the challe

Dec 14th 2023

Does your child want pointe shoes for Christmas?

It’s that time of year again! Little ballerinas, asking mom and Santa Claus for pointe shoes. 

Dec 7th 2023