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Does your child want pointe shoes for Christmas?

Does your child want pointe shoes for Christmas?

Michaela on Dec 7th 2023

It’s that time of year again! Little ballerinas, asking mom and Santa Claus for pointe shoes. ?

? That’s amazing that they have big dreams and aspire to dance on pointe one day! However, please do not get your little one (or big one) pointe shoes without teacher approval! Why is this not a good idea?!? 

? Pointe shoes should be earned after several years of ballet technique & training. They require a certain level of strength and flexibility that should be taught in a pre-pointe class.

? Pointe shoes too early can be damaging to young bones, toes, & ankles, as well as, teach improper placements and create bad habits.

? Pointe shoes should be properly fitted in a dance store and approved by your teacher prior to wearing. Your teacher should teach you how to proper sew & tie your ribbons & elastics.

? Lastly, pointe shoes are not a toy and should only be worn with supervision of a trained ballet teacher until approval is given to practice on your own. Instead of gifting your child pointe shoes, gift them some pre-pointe classes, ballet classes, or private lessons! This will help encourage them to reach their big goals & dreams! ??